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Accessing VOE on the go


Mobile Websites

When you visit on your mobile device (e.g., Android or iPhone), the mobile version of our website should be displayed to you automatically.

They look like the following:

mobile mobile2
Website Store


If for some reason your mobile browser is not automatically detected, you can access the mobile version of the website by clicking the "mobile" link at the bottom of the website. Alternatively, if you are seeing the above on a normal computer, click "standard version" at the bottom of the website to access the full version of the website. 


Watching Manna-fest on the go

There are a number of different ways to watch Manna-fest via your mobile device. The first three below require an internet connection and will stream the audio/video directly to your mobile device.


The Perry Stone Ministries iPhone App

We have a special iPhone app just for watching Manna-fest and other media from Perry Stone Ministries.

To load directly on your device:

  • Open "AppStore" on your iPhone.
  • Click on "Search", search for "Perry Stone".
  • Click on the Perry Stone Ministries app.
  • Click install.
  • Enter your itunes password to install the app on your phone.
  • Once the app is installed on your phone, you can open it from one of your home screens and gain instant access to all of Perry Stone's past media.

Or... To load on your computer in iTunes and then sync to your device:

Watch single episodes via iTunes:

You can listen to single episodes of Perry's podcast on the go. To do so open iTunes on your actual iPhone. Click search, search for "Perry Stone" and then scroll down to the Podcast. If you click on the Perry Stone Ministries podcast, you can listen to single past episodes.


Subscribe to the Podcast:

The only reason to use the "podcast" method is if you want to download Perry's teachings to your computer/iphone ahead of time and then listen to them when you do not have an internet connection on your phone. This can be useful if you are on the subway for example and don't always have an internet connection OR if you'd rather not download the media over your cell phone's internet connection in order to save on bandwidth charges.

In order to fully load the VOE Podcast onto your phone, you need to first add it in iTunes on your computer and then sync your iPhone with your computer via the USB cable. To add the podcast to your itunes on your computer, simply visit this website:

Every time you open itunes on your computer it will check the VOE podcast and try and download any recent episodes. Then every time you plug in your iPhone/iPod into your computer it will upload those recent episodes so that you can listen to them later.

To access episodes of the podcast that have been saved to your iPhone/iPod, on the device, go into iTunes and then click on Podcasts.