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Don't Miss This

                 I have been pouring into the Word in preparation for the Main Event in Hixson, Tennessee.  If you have attended any summer Conferences, you need no encouragement to return. The messages, fellowship, worship and atmosphere are indescribable.  We have a great team of speakers, singers and worship leaders planning to attend.  This will be a very important and timely meeting.  I have been working on the 5 messages for several days and am anticipating powerful services that will open the eyes of your understanding and give you a right now word for this season!

                Hotel information is available on this web site. Be sure to obtain your tickets to the Daughters of Rachel, Ladies Luncheon, Elijah's Mantel and Partner's Banquets. This will be our final main conference in 2009.

A Special Word from the Lord

                During my lifetime of ministry, I can count on one hand the times the Holy Spirit gave me a direct commission to follow. The Holy Spirit spoke to me that I would marry Pam back in 1980. I knew my first journey to Israel would change my life and altar my ministry.  When the word of the Lord was confirmed in Pigeon Forge that I was to initiate the weekly telecast, I knew this was the right time to enter a new phase of ministry.

                Several months ago, I heard another clear word from the Lord concerning the next phase of our ministry. I have restrained myself from announcing all of the details to the general public, especially over the weekly telecast. However, it will involve both mentoring and ministering to young people in a setting of their own on a weekly basis, here in Cleveland.  There is much more detail to this and there is a major project we are introducing in a few weeks to inform friends and partners of the ten year plan to reach out to the next generation, the sons and daughters, that will experience the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

                Someone asked me, "If you believe the Lord could return in the near future, then why set a goal of ten years?"  For the simple reason, "We are to occupy until he comes" (Luke 19:13). This word "occupy" can be translated "to do business."  We are blessed if when Christ returns he "finds us doing" (Matt. 24:46).  By God's grace I will continue to work and plan for the future and when Christ calls or returns, I plan to be ready.  Be looking for more information on this plan in the next issue of the Voice of Evangelism.                                                             

The Bible Project

                As you may be aware, I have been stirred in my spirit to produce a Perry Stone Hebraic/Prophetic Study Bible, gleaning from 44,000 hours of Bible study, CDS, DVDS, personal notes, outlines and study manuals that I've produced within 34 years of ministry.

                Along with a team of specialists under the direction of Strang Communication (Charisma) I plan to create a very special, study Bible.  It has been suggested that the entire project could take three years to complete. I do know this is the largest and most expensive undertaking that I have ever pursued.  I have asked the Lord how I am to fulfill this task while at the same time maintain additional income to continue the numerous outreaches we currently have in place. I felt this is the plan to follow.

                I was impressed to ask 99 individuals or families to plant a special one time offering of $10,000 for the Bible project. In appreciation, I am going to memorialize the donor name or family name on a page on the front of the Bible.  Nine individuals have already responded and this leaves 90 men or women that I believe the Lord to speak to for this purpose.  You can contact our office at (423) 478-3456 and ask for Gina concerning questions or information on the Bible project. Once we receive your offering for the Bible we will submit a follow up card or letter throughout the year keep you updated as to the progress of the project. I believe investing in the Word of God is our greatest investment for future generations.                

The Kings Oil

                Perhaps you have heard of a special program presented to our ministry called, "My Olive Tree." Rabbi Kurt Landry and I have established a large olive grove in Galilee near the Jordan River in Israel. There are thousands of olive trees in this special grove located in the central area of Christ's earthly ministry.

                We are offering an opportunity to adopt an olive tree or as many trees as you want within this Perry Stone Olive Grove in Israel. Upon adopting a tree, you will receive a certificate within a few weeks verifying the olive tree adoption. Further, a special tag with you or your family's name will be placed on the olive tree or tree(s) in this grove. 

                Here is the best part! Late this fall we will harvest the olives from this grove and produce the first true anointing oil, using the formula given in the Scripture, with the actual kosher blessing upon it!  This oil will be brought to the United States in beautiful small glass holders, and you can for a very minimal price (covering expenses and so forth) purchase this very special holy anointing oil from a grove in Israel!!!

                For more information on the olive grove project please call 1-888-5 ISRAEL, which is 1-888-547-7235.  Tell the phone operator you wish to adopt an olive tree at the Perry Stone Grove in Israel.  Each tree is $159.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling for the certificate.  If you love Israel this is one way you can have a literal "root" in the land!

Israel is waiting for YOU!

                Without a doubt, the highlight of my year is our annual tour of Israel.  There are 85 partners meeting us for a special pre-tour followed by the main group of about 200 others to arrive in Galilee where we will meet up with them. I am hoping to tape on location in several new areas and come back with some special teaching from the Holy Land! In the future, I may make a special trip with the TV crew to tape on location a series of documentary programs. If you cannot travel with me this year, make plans for 2010.  Tourists are pouring into Israel and it is a very safe and secure nation.  Always remember, Michael the Archangel is the guardian over the nation of Israel!

                Our tours have a reputation for the best tour going all year. We include the round trip airfare from America to Tel-Aviv, the hotels rooms (2 per room or a single supplement available), all tips, taxes, entrance fees, plus three full meals daily, including lunch (which most groups omit). Did I mention the best guides and driver and the special on location teaching by yours truly?

                I can tell you that your life will be changed forever once you see and experience the land of God and the Bible.  Be looking for our 2010 Tour as our 2009 pilgrimage is full!

The Change Challenge

                At the 2009 Partner's Conference I had a sudden inspiration! Before the meeting I was in my home office noticing the cups of change just sitting around. I thought, "It would be great for Partners to collect their change and see who could put together the largest amount over a period of months as an offering to the VOE."  Thus the "Change Challenge" was announced in May.

                The person who collects the most will receive a gift that I have never given away in 34 years of ministry - one of my personal preaching Bibles that holds my hand written notes!  It is my 5th Dake's Bible - one of three all time favorites of mine.  The Bible will be presented to the winner on Friday night at the October Hixson Meeting. If the winner is not present at the meeting this precious gift will be mailed to the individual personally.

                We suggest you collect your change then place it into your checking account.  Send a check for the total amount collected to VOE with the words "Change Challenge Donation" written in the memo. The final day to complete the project is the Day of Atonement, September 27th.  Your "Change Challenge" check must be mailed to the office or a donation made on the website prior to the Hixson Camp Meeting to be part of this challenge.

                Remember, you are planting a seed into a world wide ministry to be a blessing to multitudes of people around the world while having fun at the same time. The best to all of you who are participating! I have never given away one of my preaching Bibles, so this will be a special gift. It has numerous personal notes in the front, back and throughout the Bible.

America- headed toward a Mess

                It is not a cliché. America is headed into the worse spiritual, political and social mess we have ever encountered. The present administration has surrounded itself with the most left aligned socialist and even self acclaimed Communists individuals in the entire country. Several of these "Czars" are actually (if you read and see their speeches) racists against whites and appear to have a personal vendetta they desire to fulfill. This is the saddest commentary to a nation that has forsaken our roots, the truth and are now under the manipulation of people with their own ideas that will crush the long standing American Dream.

                There is certain information I will not share on Manna-Fest but have included in our 6 CD album which contains 4 messages I selected from recent conferences and two messages by Bill Cloud.  It would do you well to hear these 6 hours of teaching to inform yourself concerning what is being planned. See the home page for this album that is PKG# FE-78 - "America the Future of an Empire."

                We offer our material for a donation and the suggested amount is quite reasonable, when compared to some other ministries.  This is because we want you to obtain the resource information and glean valuable spiritual and practical insight from the teaching.  Because of this, we need each and every one of precious men and women to continue to stand with us through occasional special offerings allowing the work to continue, unrestrained by financial limitations.  Thank you for your prayer and your consideration in this important matter.

                Hope to see many of you in Hixson!!