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Frequently Asked Questions

Perry Stone

Question: I have heard you speak about your heritage in the ministry. What is that heritage?

Answer: There are actually several ministers in my family. My aunt on my mother's side of the family traced the first minister back to a relative who was a Methodist preacher in the 1800's. My grandmother's step father R.L. Rexroad was a minister, along with my Grandfather John Bava. My Great Grandfather who came from Italy was a Catholic who was healed and filled with the Holy Spirit. On my father's side of the family only dad was a minister.

Their backgrounds ranged from Catholic, Methodist, Disciples of Christ, to Independent Pentecostal. However, most of the men eventually came into the Full Gospel Movement and became ministers in the Church of God, headquartered out of Cleveland, Tennessee.

Question: When did you feel directed to enter the ministry?

Answer: I actually felt a "call" into the ministry at age 16. During this time I was spiritually searching for God's Will for my life. I was also spending time in personal Bible study and in prayer.

One Sunday night after a church service, I along with three other young men went to the parsonage for fellowship. My dad began telling personal experiences he had as a young man spending time in prayer. I asked the three other men if they wanted to go back to the church and pray. We began praying at 11 at night and concluded at 3:30 in the morning. During this time I felt the inner leading of the Lord speaking to me that I was called into the ministry.

Question: What preparations did you make for entering the ministry?

Answer: I was blessed to have a father already in the ministry and gained much experience through watching his life. As a teenager I spend hundreds of hours in Dad's personal library pouring over books and religious articles.

After High School I completed 90 hours of college classes from Lee College in Cleveland, Tennessee while evangelizing on the road. I completed a B.A. degree through Covenant Life College. Afterwards, I received an honorary Doctorate from the Wesley Synod in Ohio and an honorary degree from Saint Thomas in England.

I have spent well over 38,000 hours in research and study of the scriptures. I don't believe a minister ever "arrives" with his education, no matter many degrees he earns. Learning should continue until the time of death.

Question: Why did you name your ministry, "Voice of Evangelism?"

Answer: I was 18 years of age and was active in full time ministry. I was praying for the Lord to give me a name that would represent what He desired to do through my ministry. The name, Voice of Evangelism was continually in my spirit.

Believe me, when you are 18 years of age, haven't preached in more than two states and the churches you minister in have less than 100 members, it is impossible for the name "Voice of Evangelism" to impress anyone, including your own relatives!

Some ministers have told me they use to laugh behind my back when I spoke about the Voice of Evangelism Outreach Ministry. These precious ministers did not know what I knew. The Lord had revealed to me in prayer what He would accomplish through the ministry. I would speak of reaching a state or the nation or the world and had no money, no printed material and no television program. However, time has proven that the Lord did allow me to have a global ministry of Evangelism.


Question: Who has had the most influence on your life and ministry?

Answer: Foremost I would have to say my father. Dad was greatly used of the Lord even as a local pastor. He was and is a praying man and has a strong faith that God is able to do anything you can believe Him to do. Dad's prayer life and faith had an impact upon me as a child.

My father is also a man of great personal integrity. He has maintained the highest level of personal integrity and his ministry has been above reproach. Dad is presently over 70 years of age and still continues to travel and speak, with that same anointing he has carried for over 53 years!

The second man to impact me as a young minister was Dr. T.L.Lowery. I first heard Dr. Lowery speak at a Camp meeting when I was 11 years old. He was preaching on the coming of the Lord and I was glued to my seat. I thought the Lord was going to split the old tabernacle in half and return at any moment!

During the camp meeting I saw with my own eyes several outstanding miracles of healing. During those days ministers would form prayer lines for those in need and pray for each person individually. I recall a lame man being instantly healed. That miracle impacted my 11 year old mind. I would sit under Dr. Lowery's ministry many times after that and each time I could sense a strong presence of the Lord.

Pam Stone

Question: How did you meet your wife?

Answer: Actually I was engaged to another young woman that I had been dating for about two years. At the time, I was conducting a revival in Northport, Alabama, when I broke up with my fiancée, because something didn't seem right.

During the four week revival at Northport I met Pam Taylor. One night during a service I heard the still small voice of the Lord impressed upon me that I would marry her. We actually never really "dated." I took her out to eat once. I was always traveling and we talked on the phone and wrote letters. She did come to visit me and my parents and went to my grandparents house for Christmas. I finally realized that I could marry her for less expense than all the phone calls! We were married April 2, 1982 at the same church where I met her.

Question: You now have a very large outreach ministry that reaches people from around the world. How was this outreach ministry birthed and what impact do you see it having on men and women, globally?

Answer: In the late 1970's I began a 7 Point Outreach Ministry. It included a monthly magazine, cassette outreach, revival meetings, regional camp meetings, books, missions outreach and so forth. Over the years we have sharpened the outreach and today it is:

  • World Missions Outreaches
  • Video Tape Resource Outreach
  • Cassette and CD Resource Outreach
  • Manna-Fest Television Program
  • Printing of Books
  • Printing of the VOE Magazine
  • Revivals, Camp meetings and Conventions

Our books, audio messages and videos have gone around the world and ministered to millions of individuals. The weekly telecast Manna-Fest has been carried in over 500 cities in North America and on two overseas satellites. We also have a special International Internet web site only available to those living overseas. This web site has audio and video messages that can be downloaded by those living in poor third world countries that cannot afford them otherwise. The outreach is the life force of the ministry. Countless numbers of souls have been won to Christ and blessed through the outreach.

Question: You have publicly said that you do not send out letters asking for ministry funds as many other ministries. Why is this and are you against ministers doing this?

Answer: I have said many times that every ministry must do what they are impressed or inspired to do. I have many close friends who send letters asking for financial support. Actually I enjoy reading their letters. However, when I was a teenager the Holy Spirit impressed me not to build our ministry on monthly letters asking for support. In twenty seven years I have only sent out three letters telling people about a major building program and giving them an opportunity to support it. We keep our friends informed of events through the magazine and our partners are informed on a special web page and through my personal contact throughout the year.

Question: Speaking of Partners, do you have a Partner Outreach?

Answer: Yes we do. Partner's are those who support us each month as the Lord blesses them and in return we conduct a Partner's only conference, and we have a special password that only partners receive and they can go on line and receive information that is only available to ministry partners. I also send about two cassette tapes a year with a message just for partners. Without dedicated partners, we would be limited to our outreach possibilities.

Question: You have been noted as a "prophecy minister." However those who follow your ministry say you preach much more than prophecy. Can you comment?

Answer: In the early 1990's I was invited on several Christian television networks to teach Bible prophecy during their telethons. Often the station would offer one or more of my prophecy video series for a love gift to the station. This went on for several years. Families viewing Christian television would always see me teaching prophecy!

Actually, God has given me a special anointing to open up the prophetic scriptures. However, I teach on many other subjects from the Bible. I enjoy teaching Hebraic roots and on spiritual warfare. I have ministered extensively on the Holy Spirit and on faith. One look at the titles of my teaching albums will reveal I enjoy ministering on every subject that is in the Bible!

Question: You are often asked how much time you believe we have until the Lord returns for the church. Would you like to comment?

Answer: The answer is very simple. When the church completes its assignment on earth the Lord will return for the church! According to Matthew 24:14, the gospel will be preached in all of the world as a witness unto all nations and then the end shall come!

I do not believe anyone should set dates or attempt to calculate the actual year of Christ's return. This date is a mystery known only to the Father in heaven. When I was younger I got caught up in calculations and even knew who the antichrist was... until someone shot him! Since then I have revealed the Biblical signs and left the timing of the return up to the Lord. The main thing we must do is stay ready!

Question: Do you only minister in certain churches, and if so what are your stipulations?

Answer: I minister in churches of all denominations and many independent groups. The only "stipulation" is the building has to seat between 500 to 1,000 people. Many folks drive a long distance to attend the meetings and I want them to be able to get into the building. Although our ministry budget is hundreds of thousands of dollars each month, I do not set an amount I must have for the offering. Many churches ask me to receive the offering and others do the best they can. I do not set an amount because I don't want to limit God and I don't want any church being under pressure financially (my father was a pastor and I understand local church finances). We do ask that we can place a resource table in the lobby and allow the people to obtain the materials.

I have had friends, like Randy and Paula White and Jentezen Franklin tell me I was the easiest person to work with that they had ever worked with. Now that's a compliment!