New Testament Bible Commentary (Partner Edition)

BK-017_ThumbnailPerry Stone’s New Testament Bible Commentary (Partner Edition) will be released at midnight of January 3rd! PARTNERS ONLY will be able to login to the Perry Stone Partners web page to place their order or they can call the ministry center at (423) 478-3456 during normal business hours beginning on January 3rd to order the New Testament Bible Commentary. Many have been asking and waiting for this commentary to be released! The price for the “Partner Edition” NT Study Bible is $120 plus shipping and handling. Only 15,000 exist and there is a 1-2 limit per household for the first 3 weeks.

Features of the Partner Edition NT Study Bible include:

  • Navy high quality leather
  • Commentary Nuggets found in blue box sections
  • Bible Commentary references at the foot of each page
  • 624 pages (New Testament Commentary KJV)
  • Commentary on every verse
  • Printed in the USA
  • Highest grade of paper
  • Trimmed corners
  • $120 price
  • Individually packaged in a special custom box

Partners must have an authorized login to access the partner website to place their order. Otherwise, partners may call the ministry center at 423-478-3456 beginning January 3rd to place their order. Perry is only allowing partners to purchase 1-2 copies per household for the first 3 weeks giving as many partners as possible the opportunity to purchase a copy.  No discounts will be available on the study Bibles.