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Omega Ranch Project



We must reach this generation or the lamp of God will go out in America! In 2009 the Holy Spirit birthed an end time mandate called, The Omega Ranch Project. While earnestly seeking God for future direction, the Holy Spirit inspired Perry that God’s future plan was that He was, “going to the sons and daughters,” to fulfill Joel’s prophecy that He would, “pour out His Spirit…on the sons and the daughters…” (Joel 2:28-29). The Lord also instructed Perry to become a spiritual father to a fatherless generation. After linking this vision with the Extreme Ministry in Cleveland, the assignment was clarified and solidified, when the VOE purchased 78 acres of property, situated on a farm behind our present VOE ministry center. This 78 acres is where phase I thru phase III have been and will be initiated.





Phase one was completed within two years. This phase was the construction of the OCI Gathering Place on the ranch property. This state of the art facility is 72,000 square feet, with two assembly halls: one seating up to 3,000 and the other holding up to 1,000. The center for fellowship is the He-Brews Café, accommodating 125 individuals, complete with high speed Wi-Fi internet access, where students can study and build community.  Each Tuesday at 7 o’clock, the OCI friends and family gather together for a celebration, with speakers Mark Casto, Perry Stone, and at times other invited  ministers bringing the body a now word. The altars are always filled with seekers of all ages. The ministry is designed to “bridge the gap,” between the generations, as all ages are welcomed, loved and received at the ministry. We have two drama and dance teams, weekly Bible studies for all ages and game day on Saturdays.

               From this facility the ministry will host Reformation Week-ends, Warrior-Fest, Partner’s Homecoming week, the Main Event, and special prophetic conferences throughout the year! We will also enjoy a once a month Sunday night camp meeting service from the new building.  Phase I is now complete and in full operation.


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Main Entrance1



Phase II is a combination of both phase II and III of the project.  At OCI our team believes it is the will of God to train a generation and recruit them into the ministry of evangelism, mission, music, drama, and marketplace business for the Kingdom of God.  The future leadership academy is a part of the next phase, as we construct dormitories to house between 200 and 300 youth for a 9 month intense leadership training program.  The youth will live in the dorm, be fed at Pam’s cafeteria and be taught in state of the art classrooms.

               The dorms will serve a dual purpose. From September through May, they are used for the Leadership Academy and throughout the summer they will house campers who will be attending the youth camps throughout the summer months.  Eventually, as God provides the funds, a beautiful youth camp will be constructed on the ranch, allowing 200 to 300 youth to attend camp each week.  The camp will emphasize the Hebraic roots of Christianity through interactive teaching at “The World that Jesus Knew.”

               We hope to have a sports pavilion for game activities, God’s Theatre to teach drama and the art of worship through dance. We are hoping that many of the students can serve in the summer as teachers and instructors for the camp season.

               Phase I is now completed without owing any loan or construction debt. As God provides finances, phases II and III will be initiated.  We have left this assignment in the hands of God and His timing.  You can assist us through prayer and through financial giving, as prayer prepares the way and giving providesthe way for miraculous provision.  This is the most significant assignment we have been given in the history of the ministry, and with God’s help the vision will become reality.  We must prepare the land first and then construct the buildings.   We are presently cutting roads, building parking lots, pulling down hills and make general preparations for phases II and III. Thank you for taking time for me to share this vision and thank you for your participation. It just might be that your children or grandchildren will receive Christ, be called into the ministry, or trained for ministry at the OCI ministry training center and camp. That is only one reason why this is a great spiritual investment!


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