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Prophecy Update


Several days prior to making the journey to England for the New Testament Church of God’s annual conference in Birmingham, I received a test from one of our youth leaders which resulted into a prophetic word and warning.  There is a young woman who on several occasions experiences dreams and visions of events, which no one knows are coming and in her dreams she sees events before they occur.  Two examples are as follows.

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Through the years I have shared with audiences in North America a life-changing information release that set me on a course of study determining that the Antichrist of Bible prophecy would be a Muslim from the Middle East.  In the early 90’s this view was rejected by the majority of noted prophecy ministers. Most held to a traditional view that the Antichrist was a “Jew from the tribe of Dan.”


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America’s Final Spiritual Visitation at the Time of the End

If you have been following the ministry, you’ve most likely heard that I just released a new prophetic book that is only offered through the ministry entitled Deciphering End Time Prophetic Codes. I wanted to post a small excerpt from this book that I feel is very important. If you have not already, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this book (BK-007) either from our website or at the resource table at meetings.

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 The high interest in prophetic teaching was evident at the 2014 Prophetic Summit at OCI. The ministry had prepared for 2,000 attendees, and the volunteer workers were stunned when on Thursday night, over 2800 men and women packed out the large hall!

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Sharia Law

We just wrapped up the 2014 Prophecy Summit with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Bill Cloud, Donald Perkins, Papa P, and myself. What a powerful time in the presence of God! We heard over 11 powerful sessions concerning the times to come. During the conference we had a special closed session that wasn’t allowed to be recorded and the people were asked to keep all their cell phones and recording devices in their cars. I am not allowed to share with you everything that was discussed, however I want to share some thoughts with you as partners this ministry.

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