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More Astonishing Insight Coming Forth in the Months Ahead

biblestudystackJust when I thought the prophetic insight for the end times would eventually reach a peak, for the past several weeks I have gone from beyond amazement to absolute astonishment to discover aspects of the end times that I never knew, after about 65,000 hours of study!

 It seems the deeper I go into the Scriptures, there are more prophetic layers stacked upon one another which are unearthed when the previous layer is removed. I also believe that part of this unique process is being understood at this time, because Daniel was told to seal his book until the time of the end, when many would run to and fro and knowledge would be increased (Dan. 12:4). I have often pondered why the Holy Spirit would wait until the time of the end when knowledge is increased to release the understanding of prophetic mysteries.  Years ago I asked my father, a man of great wisdom, why God was unleashing powerful prophetic insight in our generation and not at the same level in previous generations. He replied that this generation was the first generation when the odd and unusual prophecies (such as every man receiving a mark in their hand) would be fulfilled with modern technology.  He also said something that has remained with me to this day.

The Holy Spirit is bringing forth inspiration for the coming months.

Dad said that, in his generation and those before him, the people were good, godly people and they loved the lord. However, many of them had little education, and were limited in their knowledge. The preaching required simplicity and if a minister began digging into the deep things of the Bible, including the Greek or Hebrew, it was difficult at times for some of the simple people to understand the teaching. The reason the men and women understood prayer, the gifts of the Spirit, and the power of God was because there were no complications in the process, they simply believed and received.

As time has passed there has been an explosion of knowledge, especially the past twenty years, and an emphasis on the importance of education, not just in America but around the world. This hunger for information, bred by the Internet, gives the Holy Spirit the opportunity to open up the eyes of our understanding to Biblical prophecy and truth for a generation that can now observe the predictions unfolding before their eyes!

I am sharing this with you because, for several weeks, I have been preparing messages for the many 2012 conferences and events planned around the country. I hope you will check out the 2012 schedule and make plans to attend one of several of the main events or regional conferences near you. The Holy Spirit is bringing forth inspiration for the coming months. With the events in the Middle East, the 2012 election, and the interest in the year 2012 from the secular world, it could be the most significant year for the entire world in some time.

May the Lord Bless You,