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Partner Information

Several years ago, Perry developed the “Strike Force Partnership Program.” Those belonging to the Strike Force Team, are Perry's partners in ministry. These are people Perry stays in contact with personally and they receive special update information and several personal audio CD messages from Perry that are available only to them.


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Perry doesn't send out monthly fund-raising letters

Partners are asked to pray for and support the ministry as the Holy Spirit blesses them and directs them. Perry does not send out monthly fund-raising letters and never presses anyone for monthly support. We believe all support should be free will and come from the heart of the sower who is sowing the seed to meet the need.

We treat your name as a sacred trust

We never sell the names of our mailing list as some ministries do. We believe your name is a "sacred trust" and we treat it so. Click here to receive a free magazine with information concerning partnership. 



Q. Perry, how is your ministry funded?
A. We cannot operate our ministry just from revival offerings and the sale of resource materials. We depend upon monthly partners and other friends supporting on a consistent basis, to continue the seven-point outreach plan of evangelism.

Q. How is your ministry financially accountable?

A. We always use funds for the specific purpose for which they were raised. For example, our Mission Fund goes 100 percent for world missions efforts. The "Samaritan Fund" goes to assist the poor, the needy and to help those with special needs.

We are also under the authority of a board of directors and any expenditure over a certain amount must have board approval. Salaries are set by our board.

All income goes to the Voice of Evangelism/OCI ministries and assists in the seven-point outreach plan as well as covering all expenses and salaries in the ministry.

Q. What do you mean when you say "we run a debt-free ministry?"

A. We attempt not to borrow money for ministry projects. We raise the funds before launching a major project. The new Voice of Evangelism Ministry Center, OCI Conference Center and all equipment is paid in full. Our television air time is paid in advance.

Monthly operations for the ministry includes world missions, printing the magazine, printing books and gospel literature, producing audio CD and videos, worker salaries, crusade expenses and much more. There is also greater expense when we add on other stations for our television program. So, debt free means we refuse to go in debt but "pay as we go."

Q. How can someone support the ministry God has called you to do?
A. Through becoming a "Strike Force Partner," or becoming a member of the message of the month club. The Monthly Message program provides 12 audio CD messages from Perry per year for $120 (USA) or $156 (OUTSIDE USA). More information on the Monthly Message is available from the ministry center.