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724 The Nations In Prophecy
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One word from God can change your life! The Voice of Evangelism was founded for the purpose of bringing a fresh Word from God to the Body of Christ and winning souls for the Kingdom of God.

God has grown us from a local church revival ministry into an international evangelistic outreach, ministering to thousands around the world.

You May Have Died Prematurely Without Them


                When I see news reports of children being kidnapped, young college girls being slain, and soldiers dying in war, my heart becomes burdened for the family members. This was the motivation behind my new book, "Angels on Assignment." I was studying the story of Laban and Jacob, and saw the powerful Mizpah Covenant, where a decree was made for God to watch over the two families when they were apart from one another.  From this point I researched the trail of the special "Angel of the Covenant," that is recorded in Scripture. The many weeks of study led me to write this new book. It is filled with numerous faith- building stories. You will discover it contains in-depth but easy to read and understand revelation that you can use in your every day life.  Order not only the book, but also the entire offer that includes the teaching message, "Defeating the Destroyer by the Blood of the Lamb." Angels...we need them now more than ever!

Live Web Cast from the Studio on October 8th

                Mark your calendar to tune in to the live web cast on Thursday, October 8th. Join Pam and me and perhaps a special guest (if they are able to attend) for this 2-hour event.  You may send in questions during the web cast and we will answer as many as possible.

Why I say, "We Will Not Let the Information be Made Public"

                The Hixson meeting is just around the corner and you can go on line to get a listing of the hotels that are available. At this meeting I am going to minister 5 messages the Lord has put heavily in my Spirit.  There are 3 of the 5 that I am concerned about the content, but I believe the truth must be told. I have told the church that we will not live stream any of the conference neither will we be up-linking the services on Daystar as we did last year.  Now let me explain why, from a Biblical story.

                At times Christ spoke to the multitude. Other time, He spoke to the twelve disciples and on several occasions He invited only three out of the twelve for the more intense teaching and spiritual manifestations. There are times I will share information that is not commonly reported, and if it goes too public, the secretaries are overwhelmed with people wanting the source or to talk directly to the person.  Also, if it is aired on television, then people who disagree with the teaching can harass the stations.  Just as in the case of Christ's teachings, there are some things meant only for those who are present or are in the inner circle of ministry.  While some complain about this, I understand. But in these times we must be "wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove" (Matt. 10:16). 

Have You Thought about the Book of Revelation in the 21st Century?

                When you receive your VOE magazine, or when you look at the new magazine on line, be sure and order the new DVD on Reexamining Revelation in the 21st Century. I preached this message at a conference but came back into the studio and taught nearly two hours on this subject.  There are numerous passages in the book of Revelation that made little or no common sense or that previous scholars had difficulty understanding, which can now be understood and are now beginning to come to pass! We have included some pictures to illustrate our subject matter and believe the DVD can be used to open the eyes of skeptics and the unsaved to the proof that we are living in the last days. The second DVD, "Is the Antichrist Alive and Well?" will be released at the Hixson Meeting in October.

Israel - Taping from the Land of God

                Our 2009 Israel tour is now full!  I along with television crew are flying out one day before the partner's to tape on location with Rabbi Curt Landry, and will be teaching on the prophetic significance of the Olive Trees, the Olive Oil and the Anointing. The following day our Partner's will arrive in Jerusalem and we will head south and have a wonderful time singing, teaching, fellowshipping and taping on location. Then the first of the week our main group of about 200 arrive at the Sea of Galilee and we begin our main tour!  I love this trip and it is the highlight of my entire year.  I am asking you to pray for us, for excellent weather for taping, for God's angels to go before us, and for favor to see and experience new things in the land.  As God blesses us, you will experience the blessing when you watch Manna-fest during the months of February through May of 2010.

Start Making Plans Now!

                In 2010, we are increasing the number of regional weekend Hebraic/Prophetic Conferences and special conferences. Beginning in February, we are coming to Beaumont TX, Jacksonville, FL., and in March we will come to Pace Assembly in Pace FL., and will again host a special prophecy conference in Cleveland in March! We are planning a major conference in Griffin, GA., in April. I am also ministering in Bodkins, OH. and in Burnsville, Minnesota in May, for the very first time. Then there are our major summer conferences! All information on dates, places, and times, along with hotel information is on the web site, under "Ministries/Events" and then under Itinerary. As the Lord is willing, I will actually be traveling and preaching more on location in 2010, than any other time of the ministries history.

The Stone Report

                Each month I update the "Stone Report."  This 10-minute video clip can be downloaded on the left side of the main screen, under "Watch the Stone Report." Each month, we also host an on line opinion poll.  You do not fill out any personal information, but you simply give your opinion to the question. Afterwards, you can see the results on the screen. We are able to glean the opinions of our people. It is interesting to see the opinions of those who follow the VOE ministry.

Keeping Manna-fest on the Airwaves and on Satellite

                From September to the first of January, there will be 2.8 million dollars of air time coming due, to maintain the Manna-fest program on the major networks, such as TBN, Daystar, INSP, CTN and others.  If the weekly telecast is a blessing to you, we are asking many of you to support the program with a one- time offering in the month of October that can be applied to 12 more months of programming. For 33 years of ministry, it has been the common men and women in the nation that have helped us reach the world with the gospel.  Many small offerings have made a big difference!

A Big Thank You

                You will never know what it means to the VOE team and me to see your letters and cards indicating you are praying for us and supporting the ministry. We know that in certain areas of the country, there have been some challenges with certain types of work.  However, we are praying with you and for you that God will sustain you, if you are in a seasonal dry spell, or feel that you are under an attack. At times Pam and I have encountered these seasons, when it seemed the bills out weighed the income.  However, we continue to rain true to our commitments to the Lord and trust in God's Word.  The Father always assists us in fulfilling His purpose in our lives.  We are in agreement with you for all your needs to be met.  I hope many of you will attend the Hixson conference as many nights as possible. God bless and keep you! 

Pam Said

                Several friends sent Pam a special birthday note for her 48th birthday on September 19th. She said thank you for the cards and she prays you will be blessed.  There will be more to come.