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The Code Can Now Be Understood

It was a cool November in Jerusalem.  As we approached the Western Wall, the flames from a massive nine-branched Hanukkah menorah set a mystical glow against the aged stone of the walls of old Jerusalem.  That night, I met a Canadian Rabbi who stood with me in the Rabbi's Tunnel and predicted that Communism would soon fall, the head of Romania would be killed in December, and the Jews would soon return from Russia.  I asked him how he knew this, and he replied that Israeli researchers had discovered coded messages in the first five books of the Bible. One month later, the Romanian leader was shot, the following year Communism began to fall, and the Russian Jews began to return.  Ten years later, the famed book The Bible Code was written.

There is however, another code that is much more important, more accurate, and can be applied to YOUR daily life! I call this the "Jewish Code," and spent hundreds of hours in preparing a new book that I believe will bring you and your family to a new spiritual level.  My book, Breaking the Jewish Code, is now available through our ministry or in your local bookstore.  This 237-page book unlocks the 12 main "codes" the Jews have known for 3,500 years to create wealth, live in health, raise their children according to life cycles, and impart generational blessings!  You will discover:

  • The Hebrew secrets to raising and training children following God’s 5 life cycles and 7 things every parent can do to bless their children, including selecting a prophetic name for them, and the "Jewish prayer" you can pray over your children for protection and blessing
  • How to mark your house with God’s Word, the four promises for a barren women and the Biblical secrets of breaking infertility    
  • How the 7 foods in the Holy Land are keys to health, why kosher food is healthier for you
  • Advice and wisdom principles about wealth from history's wealthiest Hebrew – including my personal insight and commentary and wise instruction that wealthy believers have taught me. Discover the three investments God instructed ancient Israel to invest in.
  • Hidden messages in the Hebrew alphabet, Jewish feast cycles, Sabbath secrets, special meals, and the Jewish procedure and methods used when dedicating a newborn infant to God (hint: it's not in a church)
  • How Hebrew prophecy has influenced world leader’s decisions, the four progressions of growing a family tree, and much, much more!

Each chapter concludes with a section called "What God knew, what the Jews know and what Christians should know," which helps you apply the content, practically, for your physical, emotional and spiritual life!  This 236-page book includes sections with special charts, Hebrew letters and words studies, including a list of Biblical names and their meanings for naming children.

Obtain the Manna-fest offer and receive the book plus a NEW audio CD, "Overcoming Your Fears of Financial Provision in the Last Days."  This faith building message helps you understand God's spiritual laws of provision and explains how believers should handle economic downturns.

My new book, Breaking the Jewish Code and the audio CD, "Breaking Your Fears of Financial
Provision in the Last Days," is available for a gift of $30 or more.  You can call toll free 1-888-21-BREAD, order online now, or mail your payment of $30 or more to Perry Stone, P.O. Box 3595, Cleveland, TN 37320.  You must request offer BC-75.  This new book is the highlight of 32 years of ministry!  This new book will be released in bookstores across America beginning April 5th! You can also order the book by itself.

If there is only one book you read this year, make it Breaking the Jewish Code.  It contains information and insight I have not taught in 32 years of ministry!