RP-73 Rapture Revelation Package

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    A special set of 5 DVDs entitled, "Rapture Revelation. This includes 10 hours of Hebraic teaching, giving conclusive evidence of the future Rapture of the believer. Also included witin this album is a 116 page study syllabus.


    "Rapture Revelation" album includes 5 DVDs and a teaching syllabus covering 10 hours of Hebraic teaching, giving conclusive evidence of the future Rapture of the believer. Perry has dug deep into the Scriptures, presenting Hebrew and Greek word studies, Jewish customs, Rabbinical insight, and Early Church writings to present the most detailed study of the Rapture and return of Christ in the history of his 32 years of full time ministry. On the first DVD, THE RAPTURE: A REVELATION TO THE APOSTLE PAUL Learn how Paul received the Rapture revelation on Mount Sinai in Arabia. Discover the meaning of the term General Assembly and 8 occurences at the Rapture Understand 8 Greek words used in the New Testament alluding to the return of Christ On the second DVD, THE PROPHETIC TIMING OF THE RAPTURE Perry gives 8 examples of the righteous escaping wrath. He gives 4 clues pointing to a pre-tribulation return. Learn of the 24 elders, the 7 sealed book and more On the third DVD, THE RAPTURE, ISRAEL'S FEASTS AND HARVEST CYCLES Perry will explain how the festival cycles of Israel reveal future prophetic events. The mystery of the shofar and how Israel's harvest cycles encode a pattern of the Rapture. On the Fourth DVD, THE RAPTURE AND THE MYSTERIOUS BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE Perry reveals how the book of Remembrance in Malachi 3 is a key to going in the Rapture. He explains the parables of why some are taken and others are left behind. On the Fifth DVD, THE JEWISH WEDDING AND THE RAPTURE REVELATION Enjoy the re-enactment of the ancient Jewish wedding. Perry explains the 14 points of the Jewish wedding that reveal a pre-tribulation Rapture. Discover how the 4 passover cups are a prophetic picture of Christ's return- the Marriage Supper. This entire set of DVDs which includes 10 hours of teaching and a 116 page study syllabus complete the Revelation package.

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