ST-114 Scarlet Thread Package

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    You will embark upon one of Perry Stone’s most significant prophetic studies with this package that includes his latest book on prayer, \"Scarlet Thread\" along with his newest DVD \"Black Banners Rising\".  We must return to time spent in prayer to save the lost, place a hedge around our families and to help change the nation! Time is running out! From one act of faith - a scarlet thread in a window - a family legacy was forged. Recent events bring to light end time prophecy coming to pass in this most important 2-hr DVD, Black Banners Rising. 

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    Scarlet Thread package includes Perry\'s latest book, \'Scarlet Threads\' along with his DVD, \"Black Banners Rising\". 

    This new book takes you on a tour of the prayer life of several women of the Bible to show you how to effectively pray for your family. Focusing on the story of Rahab whose covenant with God was symbolized by a scarlet thread hanging from her window, he provides specific, practical prayers and examples that will help you access your spiritual authority to keep your family safe. Discover:

    Four spiritual tools every mother can use

    Five prayers for when your family is in trouble

    How to prepare your children for their destinies

    How to pray your lost sons and daughters back home

    How to break Satan\'s stronghold over your bloodline, and more!


    The DVD, \"Black Banners Rising\" is also include in this package. On this 2-hr DVD you will learn that based on Scripture, a major twist is about to emerge in the strategies of the Islamic fanatics. Perry explains the Islamic traditions motivating this army and goes into detail about where the events will lead.  In light of recent events...this teaching is end time prophecy coming to pass! 

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