A Global Government by 2025?


If you do not keep up with the world news as it relates to possible prophetic fulfillment, then perhaps you are not aware of what is being said outside of the United States.

Prophetic scholars, teachers, and students have emphasized in recent years the possibility of a New World Order, or a Global Government being initiated. For this new system to merge and bond, it would require the participation of the United States, as indicated by Henry Kissinger shortly after Obama was elected president.

There is no way under the sun that the average American would allow themselves to come under the dominion of the United Nations, placing our troops under U.N. control, initiating a new currency, and allowing the sovereignty of the United States as written in the documents hanging under glass at Constitution Hall to be made null and void. However, if a major economic collapse of the U.S. dollar were to occur, and China were to call in 2.5 trillion in our government debt (bonds) and more and more banks collapse, then these events would pave the road for an international bail out of the United States, obligating the U.S. Government to submit to the will of elitist bankers and world leaders.

Unless the American people vote certain lawmakers out of their positions, it looks like we are indeed headed into a global system that will eventually be controlled by the Antichrist and his ten King-Kingdom.

If you think this scenario is not possible, then you haven’t heard the latest from the grapevine. For example, the Institute of International Finance, a group that represents 420 of the world’s largest financial institutes is now calling for a world currency. The global meltdown of Greece, Ireland, and the difficulties occurring in Spain, Portugal and other European powers, is creating fears that a major collapse of the Euro could eventually occur, as borrowed money cannot be paid back by these nations. By initiating a global currency, the entire world can be stabilized and the banking industry can profit without as much credit risk. Global banks are beginning to set new regulations on borrowing and lending. Recently in Maryland, the pastor of a large congregation told me that his local bank, which is owned by a major conglomerate in the Northeast, informed him that they were given new rules, from the Federal level, that they could no longer make loans to churches or small businesses! The president of the bank revealed that the only loans they could make were over 10 million dollars!  There have been numerous cities in which the local or regional banks are attempting to foreclose on churches and their property. One church, whose payments are $70,000 a month, has never missed a payment, but their loan was called in by the bank. Bankers and regulators around the world are united on regulating the large firms around the world. Whoever can control the money can control the people; and whoever controls the people, controls the world.

Our government is now printing more money, which actually devalues the money we have in our pockets and bank accounts. This can lead to hyperinflation, which occurred in Germany in 1923 when the price of one postage stamp went from 4 German marks to 4 billion marks. People were paid for working by the hour, and they would run to the bank and try to spend the money before the cost of products went up. Eventually, it required one wheel barrel of German marks to purchase one loaf of bread!

Before you think that this would never happen to America, but it could happen eventually because, according to prophecy, the west is not significant at the time of the end. Our prophetic patterns and cycles indicate (as I have taught for several years) that we peaked as a major empire in 2007-2008, and now we are in the time of change and transition.

Recently, according to Joseph Farah and World Net Daily, in a recent meeting it was discussed that world leaders have targeted the date of 2025 to complete the New Global Government. This would include a one world currency, a one world health system with your medical information on a chip implanted in your right hand or forehead, and a global religion that will not tolerate any person or group that preaches that other religions are false or could be a cult. Some “conspiracy theorists” believe that Obama is the puppet for billionaire George Soros, who has long desired a global government. In the past, revolutions were initiated by the unions with the backing of their governments (Communism and Nazism are two examples). Unless the American people vote certain lawmakers out of their positions, it looks like we are indeed headed into a global system that will eventually be controlled by the Antichrist and his ten King-Kingdom.