Inside the Ministry January 14, 2011

  • New Book Released – “Purging Your House – Pruning Your Family Tree”
  • Updates on the Omega Ranch Project
  • Mentoring Institute to be held in April in Cleveland, TN
  • Update on Missionaries


Very, Very Busy
Thus far, 2011 has begun as the busiest time for me personally that I can recall. I have spent several weeks working on the study Bible, completing the commentary on 14 different Old Testament books. I have saved the big ones, such as Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Daniel, for last! I also completed a major NEW book to be released in May, and have been working on numerous messages for the next four conferences. Some have suggested that I preach messages more than once, since the people in different areas are unable to hear the messages from a previous location. However, for some reason I feel that every area has a different need and a different flow of the Spirit. I need prayer for strength, as the assignments, especially all of the daily distractions or “cares of the ministry” are almost overwhelming. At times I am dealing with four to five things literally at once. The Lord is helping me and I know you are praying for me. At times I can really feel the prayers of the partners and friends.


The most detail and helpful resource on Spiritual War
Those who have previewed the book, Purging Your House and Pruning Your Family Tree have commented that there is so much helpful insight in this book. Some are saying they have found more than in any book they have ever read. Truly, I want this book not just to be filled with information, but to be a revelation of truth that every person can use in their daily lives, homes and church. It is geared to deal with many complex battle and warfare issues that are seldom discussed or taught in the Body of Christ. I implore you to get the book or the book and the audio CD, “What to do if you Miss the Rapture” that is available through the Manna-fest package. See the home page for ordering information for package PB-89.


The Omega Ranch
The youth group is now meeting at a small church facility that we recently remodeled for them. I was blessed to attend a prayer meeting on a Thursday night and it was powerful. We believe for a total spiritual revolution in America and the world; one that will turn the hearts of the children, youth, students and couples totally to God and the power of the Holy Spirit. They have tried everything else and it has failed. Now it is God’s time to demonstrate His power to them! We are working on ideas and plans for the new facility on the Omega Ranch. This project is not a simple task or inexpensive, but it is a God Plan that we are very thrilled to be a part of!


I love teaching ministers
Each year in the spring (this year the last week of April), I will host the fourth annual Mentoring Institute for Ministry here in Cleveland, at the T.L. Lowery Global Foundation Center. We have had over 600 individuals pass through the hall of mentoring and are anticipating a great experience for those attending the 2011 Institute. All ages and all denominations can participate. This year I am adding more time for questions. While we have a special outline manual for the sessions, there will be, I believe, an outbreak of the Holy Spirit to inspire and anoint each attendee! The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. If you sense a burden, a call or are in active ministry, you are invited to attend. Please see the homepage of our website for more information on this event.


If you don’t believe we are in the Last Days
I know believers have said it for years, “It is the last days”, “Jesus is coming again soon.” However, there are so many small and large events that are preparing the way for the major prophetic events to occur. They are too many to count! At times I stand amazed at the people. No matter what you show them they are still skeptic toward this predicted event. Actually, I believe there are millions of Christians that don’t want the Lord to return because they like this present world too much. I love the beauty of the earth, the trees, mountains, streams, beaches and the animals God has made. However, look at the sin, greed, corruption, death, confusion, grief and the fact that the world’s governments are presently in the hands of the prince of darkness (Eph.2:2).


I believe when the church completes their assignment to reach the world with the gospel, and clears the path for the Holy Spirit to be poured out, then we will cry out even so come Lord Jesus and we will see his glorious appearance.


An Important Missionary Update

Many of you know that VOE has been supportive of many missionaries and their projects over the past 25 years. These include Rusty Dominique, Jack Harris, Luke Walters, Kelvin McDaniel, and many others. We’ve also supported many special World Mission projects through the Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee. Recently, we helped to send a team led by Robbie James to India.


It is always of my concern that we use the Missions money wisely and that the missionaries do ministry while on the mission field. We are continuing our support of world missions, and missionaries we know that are walking in integrity. However, we are at this time unable to support Kelvin McDaniel as there have been several issues that have come to our attention that need to be addressed, including family issues. We hope and pray these spiritual issues can be resolved and there will be accountability enforced in the actions. We will need your continual support for the other major world outreaches that the VOE is involved with, as I will not support anyone or any project that is not bringing forth souls and spiritual fruit. Thank you for your prayers concerning these issues and your love you have for world evangelism.


New – From Israel
Get ready for the NEW Israel tour teaching from on location, beginning the end of January and continuing into the spring. You will see a new introduction for the Manna-Fest program and an entire new series coming out in 2011! Well, thank you for logging on and continue to stay in touch!