Inside the Ministry- January 15, 2014

Conferences at the OCI Building
Winter Ramp
At the conclusion of December, Karen Wheaton ministries hosted the 2014 winter ramp at the new OCI Facility here in Cleveland. A production team arrived, hanging lights and preparing the stage with colorful backdrops and curtains, giving an appearance similar to a major concert. A total of 3500 youth primarily from the East coast came together for 3 days of intense worship, teaching, preaching, and altar ministry. This is the very reason this facility was built: to be a gathering place for the young and the young at heart; and to host numerous events similar in nature throughout the year.
Our first reformation will be held January 17th-19th. We have 1400 registered, forcing us to move it to the large room. We are looking forward to what will happen during the services, and the fellowship that will come before and after the services themselves. We look forward to seeing all of you this weekend.

Warrior Fest 2014
I received a report today that there are already 800 people registered for our March “Warrior Fest”. Warrior Fest will begin on March 28th and end on March 30th. We are able to hold upwards of 3,000 people. Warrior Fest will be our most anticipated OCI meeting thus far. Speakers Include:
Perry Stone
Mark Casto
Damen Thompson

We are also excited for our special anointed musical performances by Eddy James and Jake Hamilton. On Sunday morning we will have a service consisting entirely of praise and worship. Sunday night will resume our traditional one night a month camp meeting service.
There are over 20 dance and drama teams competing for our “God’s Got Talent” competition. As a highlight, we will be raffling off a car to anyone aged 18-35 (see rules on the internet.) There is no fee to attend, but you must inform us you are coming by registering under “Warrior Fest” at OCI We believe for hundreds of young people of all ages to be baptized in the Holy Ghost during this conference.

Prophetic Summit
I am presently working on some exclusive information that is going to be released during our 2014 “Prophetic Summit.” Jonathan Kahn, the author of the New York Times best seller The Harbinger will be our keynote speaker on the opening night, Thursday, April 24th. The conference will continue until Sunday, April 27th. During this time, you will be able to experience the ministries of Bill Cloud, Mark Casto, Donald Perkins, and other special guests. No registration or fee is required for the event.
There will be a special session that will not be taped in any form in which we will reveal insights that will not be put in print or on Manna-Fest.
Call the hotels now to book your room, and join us in excitement for this great event.

Non-conference Scheduling
I have purposely reduced my travelling schedule the first 2 months of the year to spend more time preparing the final books for the study Bible. I have five books remaining, and now work on the commentary for the book of Romans. Because much more work must be done, I am uncertain of a release date at this time. There is a meeting with the chief editor soon, which will give us more information.
Because offerings are such an important part of our income, taking this time off will cause our financial proceeds used for our seven outreaches to be lower. This is why we emphasize the purchase of resource material, as it becomes the livelihood to reach 249 nations of the world. During this winter season, if you can, please consider an offering to help undergird our continued outreaches.

Tuesday Nights
I always want to remind you of the powerful services being hosted each Tuesday night at OCI. Even during the cold winter months, we are having between three and four hundred attendees, with people being led to the Lord and filled with the spirit in every service.
If you live within an hour of Cleveland, we urge you to make the drive and attend. Pastor Mark and I meet with new visitors each Tuesday in the green room after service. The service is available via live stream at
Fire House
On Thursday nights at 8:00 PM, we also have a prayer service at the prayer barn. This is also live streamed at We are receiving many praise reports to the prayer requests submitted during this time.
We are currently starting our new mentoring class tonight. It is too late to register for this class, but if you are interested in our ‘Mentoring Institute’ we will have a new class opening to September. Look forward to new announcements.


Birmingham Alabama
We will be featuring a conference in Birmingham, Alabama, at Metro Church Friday Night, February 7th-9th, with 2 services on Saturday and Sunday.
Orange County California
Another upcoming service is on the West Coast, a place we do not get to travel too often because it’s so far. This will be at Jentzen Franklin’s Free Chapel Worship Center in Irvine, California, Friday 21st- Sunday 23rd.
We look forward to seeing you all at both of these services.
I have been telling you for some time about the new book Dancing with Snowmen. This is the first book I have written that I would call inspirational. I have read it through several times, laughing at some of the content and light heartedness throughout. It is part of the Manna-Fest offer (SR-109); please visit the main page for more information.
I am also working on a major prophetic book, called Unlocking Prophetic Cycles, which is on track to be printed in 6 weeks. Many of you have been writing, calling, and asking us for updated prophetic teaching. This book will contain a great combination of fresh insight and prophetic content.
Be sure to follow us for more information on the Perry Stone Facebook page, where we continually post videos and other information.