Inside the Ministry Update February 16, 2012

  • Reformation Weekends continue Thursday – Saturday nights
  • February 25th special service on the OCI property
  • 31 days for favor and blessing
  • Order your copy of Breaking the Apocalypse Code Bible Study
  • New book to be released in March
  • Hebraic/Prophetic Conference March 14-18th in Griffin, GA
  • Prophetic Summit April 26-29th in Cleveland, TN
  • OCI Facility plans moving forward
  • Check out the Stone report for more updates


31 days for favor and blessing
May I suggest that after reading this, if you have not already done so, check out the main page at the large icon concerning 31 Days for Favor and Blessing. Several weeks ago I sensed one of the strongest instructions for our friends and partners of ministry, for the 31 days of March. Click on the icon and read what I have written, as I believe there are specific words for specific seasons and this is a now instruction for this season! Just as there are appointed times and seasons (Feasts of the Lord), there are special seasons when the Holy Spirit reveals an instruction of obedience to initiate a certain blessing for that seasons. Just as there are 21 days of fasting that many participate in at the beginning of each year, we need to set aside times of special prayer and giving to demonstrate that we are believing God for His special release of blessing.


For the visually oriented generation
Thousands have already ordered the NEW Apocalypse Code series – an album with 7 DVDS (14 hours) including the 109 page study syllabus. We literally receive thousands of questions each month via e-mail, making it impossible to answer all the prophetically geared questions from around the nation. This series will explain the Rapture, the Tribulation, the Antichrist, the Beast Kingdom, the Mark of the Beast, the Millennial Reign and the plans of God for eternity, in detail and yet in a simple format. We used props, video clips, banners, pictures, Scriptures and special graphics to enhance the enjoyment of the series. The entire album is only $95.00! If you have not ordered your copy, please do so at this time, as we are living in the pre- tribulation seasons! I believe it is important to teach your children and grandchildren these important truths and one of the best methods is using the DVDS as this generation is visually oriented.


Need help with your prayer life – and memory?
Check out the main webpage for my newest book – to be released through the ministry the first week of March. I am very, very excited about the content of this book – one I have desired to write for many years. There is a valuable chapter that gives the twelve secrets my Father, Fred Stone, taught me about prayer. The new book will include a new CD, Jewish Secrets to Memorization – the rabbinical secrets to learning, memorization and recall. I have never taught this until recently, and have been asked for years how I retain the information when I preach. This is the CD that details those methods, including methods Jewish fathers use to help their children make top grades in school! Be looking the first week of March!


Our first big conference!
There are only 5 days in March when I am not ministering somewhere! March 14 through 18 is also the first major Hebraic/Prophetic Conference in 2012, at Griffin First Assembly in Griffin, GA. I have 10 NEW MESSAGES prepared for this dynamic conference, and hope those living in and around the area will plan on attending! At these larger gathering I use power point to help illustrate the subject. Last year we saw thousands come to Christ and be filled with the Holy Spirit. This year we have already witnessed hundreds receiving the blessing of the Lord!


The Stone Report
One way to stay informed and updated is through the “Stone Report” on the Internet. Also if you miss a Manna-fest telecast, you can always view it that week on the website. We literally have a massive audience of men and women from over 140 nations watching the weekly program. For the next several weeks, I will be bringing the viewers programs from Israel – some of the best I believe we have ever taped. Please watch and receive the Word of the Lord from teachings!


The Reformation Weekend
The February and March Reformation weekends begin on Thursday nights and continue through Saturday nights. On February 25th, we will be having a special service on the OCI property, either at the barn or on the top of the hill depending upon the weather. We will all meet at VOE ministry offices at 2:00 and weather permitting we will walk up the hill, past where dad is buried and into the valley to the prayer barn. We are dedicating the property that day and committing our entire long term project to the Lord! I am so excited about the March gathering as Karen Wheaton and Chosen will be joining us. The location is the T.L. Lowery Global Foundation ministry Center in Cleveland. There is no fee to attend and we ask you to register by going to the, as we need to know the number of people attending.


The Prophetic Summit
Beginning Thursday night April 26, and continuing through Sunday morning April 29th, I will be hosting a major Prophetic Summit in Cleveland at the T.L. Lower Global Foundation facility. I have moved the 2012Mentoring Institute until next year, as I felt it was very important to host this meeting and release several very important messages to the attendees. We have hotel information on our website. I will be hosting a book signing and a question and answer session. I will also present a unique Election alert detailing possible patterns of what is to come. You will also be given the opportunity to see the VOE headquarters and see the property where the OCI facility will be erected in the future.


Beginning the OCI Facility
The plans are prepared and the steel is being ordered in a few weeks as the plans are moving forward for a future gathering place and headquarters for revival. Please remember that your prayers and financial support are more important now, than at any other previous time! Thank you to each of you for your past support and I pray that God will bless, keep and prosper you for the sake of his kingdom!