Inside the Ministry Update January 5, 2012

  • Check out the 2012 Travel Itinerary
  • 2012 Prophetic Summit in Cleveland April 26-29, 2012
  • Revised Study of Revelation to be released at the end of January
  • Ground breaking for the Omega Center International planned for Feburary
  • Live Webcast is planned for January 26, 2012
  • Check out the Stone report for more updates

A New Beginning
There is something in the psyche that triggers a person’s will to do better, give more and draw closer to the Lord when a new year approaches. We view it as a “new beginning.” In retrospect, this past year for VOE was another great 12 months for our global outreach, as we reached more individuals and nations with the Gospel than any previous season of ministry. During a time in which many ministries have encountered difficulty in maintaining their outreaches, I am so grateful to God, our partners and friends linked with this ministry for their love, prayer and financial support to help us reach so many with God’s Word. I have been in full time ministry over 34 years and would suggest that if a person does not have some type of confidence in a person’s integrity concerning the ministry finances after 34 years of dedicated, non-stop ministry, they probably never will have. However, I want to thank you who order the resource material, are members of the message of the month club, and support the VOE and the OCI ministry in revivals and conferences. Together, we are making a difference each day in the lives of many in America and around the world!


Coming to a city near you
Please check out the 2012 travel itinerary for special meetings, weekend and major conferences. I will be coming to Tampa, FL. at the end of January (27th– 29th), to Trinity Fellowship in Amarillo, TX. (Feb. 11-12), to Jacksonville FL. (Feb. 17th-19th), and in Cleveland for Reformation Weekend II with Eddie James on February 23rd–25th. We then travel to West Monroe, LA., on Friday through Sunday (Mar 2nd-4th). The first major Conference, in which I will explore the Daniel Cipher, will be in Griffin GA. at First Assembly of God starting Wednesday, Mar 14th -18th! Then you can join us in Cleveland for Reformation Weekend III with Karen Wheaton, Chosen on March 22nd-24th. The next major conference is in April at Resurrection Life in Grandville, MI. starting Wednesday, April 18th–22nd! If we are coming within one or two hours from where you live, please make an effort to join me in as many services as possible. We plan on meeting with partners on Saturday before the night services in many of these meetings.


A 2012 Prophetic Summit in Cleveland
I felt an urgency in my spirit to host a major Prophetic Conference here in Cleveland, at the T.L. Lowery Global Foundation Center beginning Thursday April 26th, through Sunday morning April 29th. There will be a special focus and features during this meeting. First, I am presenting an Election Alert at this meeting – the only meeting of the year when I will explain the “patterns” I have seen for the 2012 election. I will give inside information that will not be shared on Manna-fest; do a book signing on Saturday afternoon and a question and answer session on Friday between the morning and night service. If you can attend please do so. Hotel information is available on the web site. I am hosting this in Cleveland, as this is the headquarters of the ministry and our team is able to participate in the forums. I am speaking in ALL services and trust me; you will hear and see some incredible patterns and insight.


The Release is planned the last week of January
Hundreds have called, e-mailed and asked, “When will the NEW and completely updated and totally revised study on the book of Revelation be completed?” We are on schedule to complete the editing and have albums ready to send from the ministry center by the end of January. This is a 14 hour teaching on 7 DVDS and includes a study syllabus. There is so much added to this series, in fact there are 6 more hours of teaching than what was included in the original video series. There is much more fresh insight, including how Islam will fulfill many of the prophecies. I am hoping that if you are reading this now, you will order one for your family. It will be the greatest investment for their spiritual growth and understanding, of anything I have released in the history of the ministry! It has taken over 7 months just to edit the Scriptures, pictures, video clips from Israel and other important items to enhance the teaching! Be looking for it!!


Ground Breaking for OCI
During the Reformation Weekend, (February 25th–27th) we are planning a ground breaking ceremony on the new property as the builders prepare to lay the foundation for the new Omega Center International! You are invited to join us for this great event. It will occur on Saturday at 2:00pm on the property. If you are joining us for the weekend you can go to and register for the meeting. There is no registration fee but attendees are limited to 800 due to the facility limits. Therefore, register now! Also be in prayer with us for good weather that weekend.


Live Web Cast on Jan 26. 2012
We are planning for a live web cast on Thursday, January 26th! Pam, Mark Casto and I will be joined by our youth mentoring group and the prayer meeting team on the set for this event. You can send in your questions during the live event or you are welcome to submit questions now to Be certain to mark your event calendar and plan on watching as we host our first live web cast for 2012 from the VOE studio!


The Stone Report
Please log on to the Stone Report for more updated information and to stay informed on major events and new releases that are planned in the realm of resource material. Thank you for your prayers, support, and keep watching Manna-fest as we are showing excerpts from the great Hixson Main Event. At the end of the January be watching for the NEW programs from Israel! During our tour we taped 29 new programs! Also, log on in a few weeks for information on next year’s Holy Land tour! We are not doing a Partner’s pre-tour next year. We will only have the main tour, so the early bird will get the tour! God bless you!

P.S. During the past several months, we have seen professed atheist and unbelievers come to Christ and be filled with the Holy Spirit! If you or someone you know lives in or around Cleveland come visit the Tuesday night service at the Extreme ministry in Cleveland. Pastor Mark ministers about 3 Tuesday’s a month and I minister once a month. For information on this, go to the main page of our website at and click on Extreme Ministry located towards the top of the homepage or located under the “Ministries” tab.