Inside the Ministry Update March 14, 2012

  • There’s still time to get in on the March Blessing
  • 7 DVD album “Breaking the Apocalypse Code” is a great resource
  • “Opening the Gates of Heaven” is available
  • Reformation III – March 22-24th in Cleveland, TN
  • Make plans for the 2012 Israel Tour
  • Prophetic Summit April 26-29th in Cleveland, TN


Still time to get in on the March Blessing
The 31 days of March are set aside as a time of seeking God for your blessings and favor and future breakthroughs. We are already seeing the Lord come through with amazing and thrilling miracles and answer to prayer. We are asking those of you that will receive this word as a Rhema word, to call our office or use the internet to send in your best March offering along with the most important request you have. Some wish to criticize this, but simply read Acts 10:1-4, and see how this is a powerful combination that builds memorials before the throne of God, and in return these memorials come up before God and prayers are answered! We are putting the request in a special March prayer box and various individuals, including our youth prayer group, are praying over your personal needs! Get in on this NOW and let’s agree together for a great breakthrough!


What you don’t know you can’t tell
I have a question for you. Do you witness to others? Or as so many, are you afraid of getting “stumped” by a question you cannot answer – therefore you remain silent? This is one of the great advantages of handing a book, CD, DVD or a magazine to another person and allowing them to see and hear the information first hand that will answer questions they may have. Never assume a person does not have questions – we all have spiritual questions.

The 7 DVD album on Breaking the Apocalypse Code has been the most significant Manna-Fest offer in the history of the telecast. This is because so many people have questions they cannot answer. This 14 hour teaching serves as a special tool in presenting clear and understandable information and at the same time answering the questions surrounding the subject. We are still making this dynamic teaching available on the web site. You can never share what you do not know, so let this album do the teaching!


12 Things my Dad taught me About Prayer
I recall my father, Fred Stone, getting so lost in prayer at times that the volume of his words would intensify and his words were heard echoing throughout the house. I remember at times, running through the house as a child shutting the windows (this was before central air) as I was embarrassed as to what the neighbors were thinking. Those who knew dad knew he prayed and he got answers.

The new book, “Opening the Gates of Heaven,” was being written about the time that dad was going to make his journey to heaven. I had spent many years with him as he traveled with me, staying in the same room and was my main prayer partner for many years. I cannot tell you how much I miss him, especially his prayers and his uncanny gift of understanding and interpreting spiritual dreams. However, dad left with us the wisdom of 12 things he said and did when he prayed which you can also practice in your devotional and intercession life to receive answers to your prayer!

This new book comes with a NEW audio CD called “Jewish Secrets to Study and Memorization!” On this 65 minute teaching I will share with you in-depth insight on research which will help in your study and also in your ability to recall and remember. There is one little secret I have never told anyone I use after sitting several hours in study. It may make you laugh but it does seem to work. It was also used by one of Israel’s brightest leaders!! You need to order both the book and the audio CD as a package. It is now available as offer# OH-96 on the homepage of our website.


Reformation III – Coming to Cleveland!!
I cannot express my excitement that Karen Wheaton, her son in law Casey Doss, and Chosen are joining me and Mark Casto and the praise team from the Extreme for a powerful visitation from heaven beginning Thursday night March 22 through Saturday night March 24 at 6:00 p.m. at the T.L. Lowery Global Foundation Center in Cleveland. Information is available on the web site and if you know you are coming be sure to register your name and the number of people joining you for this explosive event!


Israel – We Plan to Go!
We have about 80 people already down for our 2012 Israel Tour in November. I am not taking a Partner’s pre-tour this year. We will only take the main tour. I am going a few days early and staying over a few days for television taping, but you have plenty of time to join in on the best tour that goes to Israel ever year – the Stone Tour. Someone said, “We had so much fun with Perry, his teaching and the group on the bus…we cried, shouted, laughed and at times just listened…we should call it the Stoned Tour!” You must contact the travel company and this is a good time. All of the information is on the main web site page. While no one knows everything that will occur in the region the next few months, we are still making our plans to travel to the Land of God.


Prophetic Summit – Coming to Cleveland in April
Join me and the entire team right here in Cleveland at the T.L. Lowery Global Foundation, for our 2012 Prophetic Summit. The summit will open on Thursday night April 26thand go through Sunday morning at 11:00 AM. I seldom release the message titles for a conference. However here are a list of the NEW messages I plan to preach as we anticipate a true visitation from the Lord and a major prophetic revelation to explode in the atmosphere:

Principles for Employment and Financial Blessing
Ancient Church Manuscripts Reveal the Last Days
Understanding the Ministry of a ‘Generational’ Angel
The Possible Patterns for America the Next Four Years
Notes and Nuggets not Intended for Televisions
The Apocalyptic Vision of the Church before the Rapture

This conference will also include a 2 hour question and answer session, a special Election Alert, and a book signing. I encourage you to book your hotel rooms and plan on attending this three day, 6 service summit that will be a direct download from heaven to earth! There is much more information, including new resource material, available from the Stone Report – so log on and check it out! I will not be hosting a Mentoring Institute for ministry this year as I am actively involved in mentoring a group of youth at the Extreme and felt this was the will of God this season.