Message for Partners from Perry

Normally, I would post this message on the Partners site; however, I have elected to post in on the main site because I want to make sure all of our partners read this information. My ministry partners are aware of how we operate the ministry with certain “dos and don’ts.” For example, we do have a message of the month club available. We do host an annual Partner Conference and also have a special partner web site accessible only to the partners of the ministry. We do not send out letters asking for money and do not sell the names of anyone on our mailing list to mail order organizations. We do not use any money from the book and media sales on television, the magazine sales or the resource table sales for personal purposes (such as a royalty), but use all the income for the ministry.

Several weeks ago it suddenly struck me like a bolt of lightning from heaven, the shortcomings I have concerning my personal contact with the partners of the ministry. Most to appreciate the fact that we do not send out letters asking for offerings and that we conserve the ministry income by not sending ministry “junk mail.” However when meeting partners in churches, (we have been having a Sunday afternoon partner meeting in every city this year), I am made aware of the numerous prayer requests and personal needs they are experiencing. Most of our partners attend a local church and have a pastor they are under, and thus I have never felt a need to “pastor partners.” However this is what I believe the Lord has revealed to me.

It is impossible for me to research the Word, to write a study Bible, to receive and prepare messages to preach, to publish the VOE and to write for the Internet while at the same time take phone calls for hours each day speaking to partners. I would love to; however, I would become ineffective in the pulpit and the message would become weak from a lack of spending time in the presence of God.

The plan in the near future is to bring on staff a Partner Ministry Executive that will assist me in contacting our partners, taking their prayer request and hearing their needs and presenting them to the Lord each week at our prayer service on Thursdays. I have already selected someone whom Pam and I have known from their birth, that knows Pam and me and whose family has been linked to our ministry for over 25 years.

I will be contacting the partners in the future and asking you to send in a picture of you family, and information on e-mails or a phone number where you can be reached. I believe as the ministry partners stand with us, we in return can better stand with them in intercession and prayer, and get to better know those who share our vision. Be looking for this exciting transition in the near future!