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We want to share some of the latest things happening at the ministry! We hope you have had the opportunity to see Manna-Fest in the last couple of weeks. The current series includes a brand new teaching on “Breaking the Genesis Code” (GC-83).

Also, we just concluded a 5 service meeting in Botkins Ohio with some very powerful messages! We wanted you to be the first to know about this as there are a very limited quantity of CD albums remaining from this meeting. We just posted these on the website store under Campmeeting CDs. They won’t last long! See more information below on how you can get these. 


Currently Perry is at our annual Partner Conference in Pigeon Forge. They are experiencing a powerful move of the Holy Spirit and a time of renewal and refreshing for each one! Thank you for continuing to remember the ministry in your prayers as we share the good news of Jesus Christ for the glory of God in this last day.


GC-83 – Breaking the Genesis Code   GC-83


In 1988, Jerusalem Rabbi Yehuda Getz invited Perry Stone to his office near the Western Wall, where the Rabbi explained to Perry how the book of Genesis encodes the future of major world events. Now, for the first time in 33 years of ministry, Perry presents a major teaching on this DVD called “Cracking the Genesis Code” In offer# GC-83 you recieve this new DVD as well as a new audio CD entitled, “Children in the Devil’s Playhouse.” On this audio CD Perry explains the five events that create emotional holes opening the door for spirits to attack our children. It is time for us to be awakened to the spiritual warfare taking place in the fight for our children! For more information or to order this Manna-Fest package use the following link to our website or call 423-478-3456 and request GC-83.

camp 2010 BOTKINS OHIO 


The most recent messages shared by Perry Stone include this series of 5 messages from Botkins, Ohio.

Message Titles Include:

Wednesday PM Service:
Stopping the Satanic Home Invaders

Thursday AM Service:
The Danger of Feeding Demons

Thursday PM Service:
Why I Still Believe in the Rapture of the Church

Friday AM Service:
Stealing the Torch from Lady Liberty

Friday PM Service:
The Supernatural Operation of the Spirit in the End Times

Order on line or call the ministry center at 423-478-3456 to request the 2010 Botkins Ohio CD Album.



ITEM#: 10BO-CD           Audio CD Price:          $35 + s/h



Thank you for your continued prayers and support of the ministry. 
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