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Oh my! Heaven dropped into the room and lives were instantly transformed. Dry souls became flooded with the presence of the Lord. Hungry believers were filled with the Holy Spirit and several adults experienced instant healings. Karen Wheaton and Chosen released a breakthrough anointing and word at the 2012 Reformation III ! We moved into the next level of expectation and obedience for this season!  One person commented, “I’ve been in all of the Reformation movements and have never heard such powerful teaching and instruction under such a strong anointing or experienced such freedom of worship as took place in this meeting!”
These were the type of comments overheard by the 800 attendees at this life changing Reformation Weekend III. One youth group came from as far as Arkansas. Many of the youth had never experienced the Holy Spirit baptism. On Saturday night the glory of the Lord fell for 2 hours as these youth and countless others lay on the floor under the power of God receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit! Pam shared it was one of the best and most effective gatherings she has ever been in since the initiation of the Extreme and OCI!  The 5 services from this event are available and can be purchased individually on audio CD or video DVD from the website using the individual links provided in the right column of this notification or by calling the ministry center at 423-478-3456.

We praise the Lord for what he is doing in today’s generation of young people and in every generation that hungers for more of God all across the land! To God be all the glory. Thank you for your continued prayers and support of the ministry. We are excited about what God is doing to reach the nations in this end time harvest.


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2012 Prophetic Summit

On April 26th-April 29th we will conduct our most important summit that we have ever hosted. There is no registration required to attend! It will be held at the T.L. Lowery Global Foundation in Cleveland, TN. See our website for more information and hotel accommodations. We hope to see you there!




#1-Going from Clean to Whole – by Casey Doss

#2-The Samchut Factor-High Level of Auhority-Perry Stone

#3-Returning Joy in the Secret Place of Prayer-Mark Casto

#4-Special Message By Karen Wheaton

#5-One Little Crumb will Get-R Done – Perry Stone


#1-Going from Clean to Whole-Casey Doss

#2-The Samchut Factor-High Level of Authority-Perry Stone

#3-Returning Joy in the Secret Place of Prayer-Mark Casto

#4-Special Message by Karen Wheaton

#5-One Little Crumb will Get-R Done-Perry Stone