Prior to President Obama taking office I preached a message explaining how that, in the lives of all former presidents, it is not the crisis or difficulties they see at the moment they are sworn in that will make or break their administration. It is the unseen, unplanned, and unexpected events that will forever mark the administration in the memories of Americans and the history books.

For example, Roosevelt not only was the U.S. leader during the Great Depression, but he was handed an unexpected plate during his administration when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Truman made his legacy by announcing the recognition of Israel as a nation in 1948. John Kennedy came close to a nuclear showdown with Russia over the Cuban Missile Crisis, and President Nixon is remembered for his resignation over Watergate. President Jimmy Carter experienced a 444-day hostage crisis in Iran. His failure to solve it contributed to him losing his bid for re-election. Reagan amazed the world as he participated in the stunning collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe and the demise and meltdown of the Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union. Herbert Walker Bush was marked by the Gulf War in the Middle East when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Clinton’s legacy was suddenly and unexpectedly tarnished by the Monica Lewinsky scandal. George W. Bush never expected a 9/11 only eight months into his presidency, and the war on terror became the eight-year mark of his administration.

President Obama has been in office fewer than two years, and already the Gulf oil spill and cleanup has become a crisis that many are comparing to the Katrina disaster in New Orleans. There is also a threat of war clouds hanging over North Korean and spreading toward Iran. Recently, even Chavez, the President of Venezuela has made threats of shutting off oil to the United States if attacked by its neighbor. With all of the various manmade and natural disasters, the beating of war drums, economic shakeups, and unsustainable debt, one wonders what new test or unseen difficulty lies just over the horizon.

Down deep within my spirit, and based upon certain revelations and insight that has been given to me through the precious Holy Spirit, I believe that there are several major events that are like large roadblocks on a journey that will stop the momentum of Obama’s administration in its tracks. A trusted man of God told me the night of the election that in 2009 and 2010, things will be like one big party at the White House (indeed, there are continual parties taking place). However, the man of God said something would happen in 2011 that would shake the President and the Lord would personally visit him.

I believe that this will occur. Not that any of us enjoy difficult times. But I am hoping the Lord will change the heart of the leader of the free world from that of an obvious liberal with an agenda that is bent on turning America into a socialist nation or worse, to a true experience with the Lord Jesus Christ. It has become clear that, if you explore his background from the time he was a child to his community organizing in Chicago, his best and closest friends were extreme socialists and Marxists. This is not a careless statement but a fact that has been publicly noted in some of the television and print media for months. Thus, in my opinion, he has surrounded himself with a totally unbalanced group of advisors—both morally and spiritually—and he desperately needs some praying, spiritually discerning, wise leaders to be raised up around him. There need to be people who can speak the proper truth into his life and bring needed rebuke for some of his policies that are doomed to cause America to falter and fail. We need to pray for a Divine visitation.

A Servant of the King,

Perry Stone, Jr.