What Pushes God Over the Edge?


America’s seeker pleasing ministers almost gag and pass out at the thought of standing behind their pulpits and warning the Body of Christ that there is a time coming in which God will no longer wink at iniquity, but will release the lightning of His power toward a nation or a city and initiate a fiery judgment on the mockers, unbelievers, and upon those who have shed innocent blood.


I have often pondered as to what “pushes God over the edge” and makes Him suddenly remove His hedge of protection over an area and allow a devastation of some form to occur.


In Genesis 14, the Almighty informed Abraham that his future children would be taken into a land where they could not speak the language of the people for 400 years. After four generations, God would bring them out because the “iniquity of the Amorites was not yet full” (Gen 15:16).  The Amorites at that time were a leading tribal group living in the Promised Land. However, they were steeped in idol worship, and were involved in serious immorality and other sins that would eventually bring a curse upon them. God’s judgment was to release Israel from Egypt, and bring more than 600,000 men of war back to the land of promise, and expel these pagan tribes from the sacred home of Father Abraham. God waited until the cup of iniquity was full before initiating the Exodus from Egypt!


This concept of the cup being full is also revealed in the Apocalypse, where Mystery Babylon has slain the prophets and the saints, and the cup of the harlot is full of the blood of the martyrs (Rev. 17:4). When this cup is full to overflowing, then God will pour out the cup and initiate judgment on the harlot city. When God speaks of pouring out His wrath or His judgment (Hosea 5:10 etc), His cup is poured out (the winepress of the wrath of God – Rev. 16:19) when the cup of sin becomes full over a city, nation, or in the case of the Great Tribulation, the world!


As an example of God being “pushed to the edge,” look at the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 19).  A righteous man, Lot, moved his family into Sodom. The sins and abomination had occurred there for quite some time. However, when the two angels that appeared as men entered the home of Lot, the old and young men that were sodomites attempted to beat down the door and have sexual relations with them. They threatened to sodomize Lot if he did not release the two men into their wicked hands (Gen 19). With this event, the men of Sodom crossed the line of no return. Within 24 hours, four of the five cities of the plain (Gen. 14:1-2) were wiped off the planet, leaving nothing but ashes and charred rubble as a witness to those who would follow in their footsteps (Jude 7).


When the men from these wicked cities turned their perversion to attack the righteous men in the city, then judgment was swift. God is very protective of children and will judge anyone that offends a little child (Matt. 18:4-10). God is also protective of those who sincerely have a covenant with Him. Look for example at how the Almighty retaliates against all of the nations that in the past assaulted the Jews and Israel. Entire empires eventually died at Jerusalem, not because Jerusalem was the largest, strongest, or greatest military city on earth – but because it was the place where the Lord placed His name forever (Deut. 12:5, 11, 21).  God is jealous to defend His covenant, His people, and His name. When the unbelievers and those inspired by demonic powers attempt to assault the righteous, shed the blood of the innocent, pervert the judgments of the Lord, and mock His name, then God Himself will eventually draw a line. Once it is crossed, it spells doom to the deceivers.


If you read the Bible it is clear that people and nations never really learn from history. For hundreds of years the Hebrew people went from freedom to captivity, from captivity to freedom –back and forth. They knew from their history the sins and acts of evil that led them to God’s disfavor; yet they lived in a cycle of disobedience. I am uncertain if America has crossed a particular threshold and is now headed toward provoking God to the point of lifting His hand of protection and favor in certain cities. I can only hope that He can find a large remnant of righteous men and women pocketed throughout the nation whose righteousness will restrain the spread of evil!